Pinkglow® Baileys Cream

Approx. Serving Size: 5 oz (1 cocktail)

Ingredients :

• Pinkglow® pineapple

• 1 oz chilled Bailey's Irish Cream

• 1 splash of Myer's Dark Rum

• chilled Rock Highball glass

• Ice cubes

• Boston Shaker



  1. Cut Pinkglow® in half. Use a sharp knife to peel the pineapple. Cut around the core to make pineapple wedges and discard the core. Cut the wedges into large chunks (save some of the chunks for garnish)
  2. Add the pineapple chunks into a blender and blend until smooth to create a juice
  3. Fill shaker with ice cubes 
  4. Pour in 2.5oz of Bailey's cream and 1 oz of Pinkglow® juice 
  5. Pour in dark rum
  6. Shake thoroughly 
  7. Pour into chilled Rock Highball glass filled with icecubes
  8. Add Pinkglow as garnish (optional)