Pinkglow® with Vodka & Cointreau

Approx. Serving Size: 4 oz (1 cocktail)

Ingredients :

• Pinkglow® pineapple

• 1 oz Cointreau

• 1 oz Vodka

• 1 Dehydrated Orange

• Chilled Champagne Flute



  1. Fill shaker with ice cubes

  2. Cut Pinkglow® in half. Use a sharp knife to peel the pineapple. Cut around the core to make pineapple wedges and discard the core. Cut the wedges into large chunks.

  3. Pour in vodka, Cointreau and Pinkglow® juice and shake

  4. Pour into chilled glasses and enjoy!

  5. Top with a dehydrated orange as garnish (optional)