Pinkglow® with White & Dark Rum

Serves: 4

Ingredients & Tools:

• Pinkglow® pineapple

• 8 oz White Rum

• 2 oz of Dark Rum

• Ice Cubes

• 4 Rock Glasses


  1. Cut Pinkglow® in half. Use a sharp knife to peel the pineapple. Cut around the core to make pineapple wedges and discard the core. Cut the wedges into large chunks.

  2. Add the pineapple chunks into a blender and blend until smooth to create a juice.

  3. Fill shaker with ice cubes.

  4. Pour in white rum and 8 oz of Pinkglow® juice and shake thoroughly.

  5. Pour into each rock glass filled with ice cubes.

  6. Top each glass with dark rum on the top to create a layer on top of each cocktail.

  7. Add a piece of Pinkglow® as a garnish to each (optional)